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Facebook Giveaway Check Danielle’s FACEBOOK page, click ‘like’ and invite friends, for more info, and to share this image to be in with a chance of winning a photoshoot, Danielle is based in the Midlands UK so you must be able to get there to enter.
competition If you can’t get to Danielle for the photoshoot, enter this competition to win signed prints, as it’s open worldwide so anyone can enter, again just click ‘like’ and invite friends to page, comment on the image on the page stating that you have done so, to be in with a chance of winning. If you follow Danielle for her Star Wars work she will be doing Star Wars print giveaway this time next week so click get notifications on page.
IMG_5321Danielle is also auctioning a shoot on e-bay 99p no reserve along with some prints if your interested go HERE .

Winners will be announced next Sunday evening February 23rd.

If your interested in a shoot here are a few examples of danielle’s work….

IMG_1436 IMG_2217 IMG_2576 IMG_3298 IMG_3313 IMG_4543 IMG_5739 IMG_6834-Recovered IMG_26992 IMG_51972IMG_0647 IMG_0685 IMG_992c4 IMG_1367 IMG_6906 IMG_9111 IMG_9655 IMG_9757 IMG_62232 IMG_87272 TarrieNoir zIMG_9288 IMG_3981 IMG_4036 IMG_4244


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  • “This arrived in my post today!!! Is it true!?! OMG!” Alex

    you won


    • “haha!!!!!!!!! yes, i sooo happy to find you BIG SMILE here” Danielle


I ran competition on facebook last year here are some of the images from shoot, to pick the winner i had stack of over 70 envelopes randomly placed was blood splattered winning ticket which ended up in Alexandra Johnson envelope, like a leaf blowing across the road it can change everything forever and i’m so glad that Alex won it was so meant to be. She said she didn’t wan’t her face in any when she got here but as you can see from first image there is no need for her to hide.

Alex “ I couldn’t believe my luck when I won to be honest, was a little star struck really as I’ve liked your page and work for a for years. I had corrective surgery for scoliosis 12 years ago and I hadn’t heard much about it at the time, was 13 when I 1st found out I had it and was 16 when they done the operation. My curve wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the people I was in hospital with. I did walk around with a hump and that affected my self esteem. I am proud if my scars and I couldn’t of had a better photographer photograph them. I’m seeing them in a whole new way thanks to Danielle!”

There are more images to come of Alex and in production a video of shoot subscribe here to watch when it’s finished YOU TUBE




IMG_4663IMG_5293IMG_5270 alexIMG_4900IMG_4874IMG_4847IMG_5356IMG_4732IMG_4557IMG_4672IMG_4922IMG_4925IMG_5053scholiosisIMG_5438alexeye

Happy Halloween Kids!

Happy Halloween Kids!







Visit Danielle’s Facebook Page were it’s halloween every day :)

Model: Toby Larner

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Merry Christmas

2012 has been a fantastic year for me, I would personally like to thank everyone for supporting me by giving you this present…

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Win Free Album Cover, Design and promo!

Share To Win Free Album Cover Image and Design, Whoever shouts the loudest wins. You Can Choose from any of my images (subject to availability) Share this image (here) on your fan page, personal wall, tweet it, blog it, make vid asking to win on you tube, get me shout out on radio whatever you can think of be creative :) you can tell me what you have done here in comments on fb or send me links and stuff to
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Some already done and released covers….

The winner will also get a ton of promo from my facebook page, google + page, Tumblr, Twitter and website :)

English Frank!

Recently i was lucky enough to meet and have shoot with amazing UK HipHop Artist English Frank…

The Cover I did for his amazing new single Animal Check it out on Youtube HERE
(model for cover Andy Rose)

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Check back soon for more images of English Frank to be Added and look out for his new film OFFENDER

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I’ve done covers for authors such as:
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Client work for German clothing company CRUZE motorbike wear with attitude check out there clothing ranges HERE

Models Steve Bicknell and Jeddy-Bear Animal-Austin Thomas.